In Atlantida when we say fresh seafood, it means that the capture is done on the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula on the same day it arrives in our plant to be processed and sent to our customers.


Captured directly from the sea, respecting the laws and standards of Mexico and countries of destination; to maintain the sustainability and environmental stewardship.


The entire catalog of products we offer is guaranteed to meet all standards of freshness and hygiene to meet the most demanding palates of our consumers.


We are able to offer seafood in package and presentation of weight as requested by customers.



Fresh and Frozen Products

Top Shark

Top Shark Slices

We deliver each product according to the

presentation and packaging that you request.

The best of our coasts.


Black Grouper

Hog Snapper

Fish Fillets


Yellowtail Snapper


Grouper Fish

Speckeld Trout